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Domestic Gas Boiler Front Module

Ideal Domestic Gas Boiler Front Module


Project Ideal Domestic Gas Boiler Front Module
Timeline September 2015 / November 2016
Direct Customer Ideal Boilers / Groupe Atlantic UK Ltd.
OEM Ideal Boilers Ltd.
Volume 400,000 units per annum
Key Project Partners Engel UK - Injection Moulding Machine
  Ceracon UK – Liquid Gasket
  Moldsystems / ABI - Toolmakers
  IMTech – Moldflow
  Hellyar Plastics / Hexpol - Materials
  Southfork Innovation – Ultrasonics
  PBE Marking - Printing


Scope Replacement of pressed steel front panel with plastic
  Integration of sealing into plastic parts
  Sub-component integration into plastic parts
  Enhanced aesthetics and model variant distinction
  Weight reduction
Complexity 39 Injection Mould Tools / 122 finished product variants
Technology Injection moulding / 2K moulding
  Plasma treatment / Liquid Gasket Application / Automated Assembly
  Ultrasonic Heat Stake & Weld
  Hot Foil Printing
  In Process Vision Testing / Leak Testing
Challenges Aesthetics
  Sealing Performance
  New Technology Integration
  Complex Tooling
  Challenging Lead Time

Front Panel

Ideal Boiler Front Panel Construction

Front Panel - Construction

Ideal Boiler Schematic Construction

Tooling Complexity

Tooling Complexity
  • Corner Lifters retract at lesser angle to side and top lifters in order to allow all steel to cear for demoulding.
  • All lifters require internal water cooling in order to control distortion and achieve cycle time.
Tooling Complexity

Front Panel - State Of The Art Processes

Ceracon Liquid Gasket
  • Ceracon liquid gasket
  • Plasma pre-treatment
  • Temperature Curing
  • Final Assembly / Typing / Fool Proofing
  • Pressure Testing
  • Flatness & Size Monitoring
Ceracon Liquid Gasket

Front Panel - Manufacturing

Front Panel Manufacturing Cell
  • Front Panel Manufacturing Cell – designed and installed by our in-house engineering team.
  • 2 Injection Moulding Machines (1100t & 1500t).
  • 2 Fanuc 6 Axis Robots for de-moulding, de-gating, presenting parts for Ceracon and depositing parts into tunnel oven for curing.
  • ABB robot (shared between two IMM’s) for applying plasma pre-treatment and Cercon liquid gasket.

Controls Housing - Design

Ideal Boiler Schematic Construction

Controls Housing - Manufacture

Substrate Moulding
  • Substrate Moulding
Robot Transfer
  • Robot Transfer into over-mould tool
Robot Deposit
  • Robot deposit to in-line automated assembly
Automatic Ultrasonic Welding
  • Automatic Ultrasonic Welding
Automatic Ultrasonic Staking
  • Automated Ultrasonic Staking
Final Check and Pack
  • Final Check & Pack


Project scope satisfied, launched on-time, within budget and to customers full satisfaction.