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Internet Enabled Wireless Heating Controls

Internet Enabled Wireless Heating Controls


Project Internet Enabled Wireless Heating Controls
Timeline May 2015 - May 2017
Direct Customer Ideal Boilers / Groupe Atlantic UK Ltd.
OEM Ideal Boilers Ltd.
Key Project Partners ABI Toolmakers
  Hellyar Plastics
  Reflex Technical - Moldflow
  Kaydee Marking – Digital Print
  Rofin - Laser


Scope Plastic injection moulded and printed components for a group of consumer products which facilitate wireless and internet enabled control of domestic heating systems
Complexity 15 Injections Mould Tools
Technology Precision Injection moulding
  2K Moulding
  Digital Printing
  Laser Cutting
Challenges Stringent Aesthetic Standards
  Tight Dimensional Tolerances
  Reverse Printing of Fascia

Programmable Room Thermastat

Programmable Room Thermastat
Programmable Room Thermastat

Circular Fascia

The circular fascia is one of the more technically challenging components of the assembly, produced from clear PMMA to lens quality no visible feed points or weld lines are permitted.

The feed is by way of a full ring gate around the outer diameter with a 4 drop hot runner and flow restrictors to ensure the ring gate fills before material starts to flow into the fascia thus giving a uniform flow front into the central window with no weld lines. Extensive moldflow and refinement of the physical tool were required to achieve this. Furthermore the ring gate then has to be removed from the part cleanly, having trialled machining, turning and pressing we finally settled on laser cutting which had its own set of challenges with regard to surface finish and fogging, eventually overcome by refining the extraction of fumes.

Finally the part has be printed on the rear face in white to exactly match the high gloss ABS and without permitting light bleed from the illuminated screen, again many processes were trialled including IMD, tampo and screen printing, eventually identifying UV cured digital printing as the best solution.

Tooling Complexity

Wifi Gateway Housings

Rocker Cover Assembly


Project scope satisfied, launched on-time, within budget and to customers full satisfaction.