Design and Development

New projects are planned in detail around our client’s key project milestones and budgets. We hold a consistent track record of delivering projects on time, in full and within budget.

Concept Stage

Involving us at the concept stage of your project ensures that we achieve the most robust design and cost effective solution avoiding unnecessary expenditure and delays later in the project, our considerations at this stage include the most appropriate material selection, tooling feasibility and design for manufacture.

Design Stage

We can work closely with your in-house design engineers throughout the design process, receiving 3D CAD models on a regular basis to ensure continuous feasibility confirmation or we can provide product designs based on your design brief and in your chosen 3D CAD package for your approval.

Design Validation

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Mold Flow Analysis establishes design confidence before investing in prototype or production tooling.

Rapid Prototyping

Working closely with a number of approved sub suppliers we can provide rapid prototype components in a variety of representative materials and finishes, often negating the need for prototype tooling investment, reducing your development time and ultimately your time to market.

Fully Representative Prototyping

We can produce rapid machined ‘soft tooling’ within short lead times from which fully representative parts are produced together with secondary welding, assembly and decorative finishing operations. This tooling can also be utilised as a bridge to production often capable of producing parts in volumes of many thousands.

Design Verification

All prototype parts are submitted with an accompanying initial sample inspection report produced using CNC coordinate measurement equipment in our in-house metrology lab.We can also provide a wide variety of design verification testing from accredited test houses.

Production Tooling and Equipment

We have long established relationships with a number of European and Far Eastern Toolmakers enabling us to tailor tooling costs and specifications to meet our customer’s budget and production volume requirements. All tools carry a warranty against manufacturing and material defects and our in-house planned preventive maintenance process ensures that tools are maintained to the highest standards, testament to this are many tools still in volume production having completed multi- million cycles. We also provide all tooling and capital equipment for post moulding operations together with all in process testing facilities and gauging from leading European partners.

Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)

We perform a representative production trial run on all new products to confirm production readiness and output rates. This involves producing parts under production conditions with trained production operatives working to standard operating procedures. Process capability studies, gauge R&R studies, full sample inspection layouts and any specified testing are also completed before making a formal part submission to our customer. Our clients are always welcome to oversee any part of this process.

Lifecycle Engineering

Our engineering input doesn’t cease when a product goes into volume production, we continuously seek value engineering opportunities, any resulting cost reductions are shared with our customer as we believe repeat business to be of greater value than maximising today’s margins.