Our products are present on some of the most prestigious consumer goods available on today’s market.

All of our products are manufactured to world class standards of quality, finish and reliability. Take a look at our product showcase below.

Large Moulding and Assemblies

Large Mouldings & Assemblies

  • Large components supplied as single injection mouldings or fully validated modular assemblies.
  • 1500t Clamp Force Machine
  • 6 Axis In-Line Robot Cell
  • Automated Finishing and Assembly
  • Alternative Screw & Barrel sizes for a variety of shot weights
  • Controlled environment for white and clear products
  • Ceracon Liquid Gasket Application for integrated sealing feature.

Technical Automotive Components

  • Automotive Pedals and Brackets
  • Filtration - Air
  • Filtration - Oil
  • Filtration - Fuel
  • Electro Mechanical - Window
  • Electro Mechanical - Seating
  • Switching
  • Rocker Cover
  • Interior Trim
  • Exterior Trim

Modular Plastic Assemblies

Modular Plastic Assembles
  • Separate or integrally co-moulded seals provide the interface with mating parts.
  • In process vision systems and pressure testing verify the integrity of every product.
  • In-moulded or ultrasonic threaded inserts provide integral fixing points.
  • In-process vision detection systems and leak testing ensures the integrity of each product.

Structural Plastics For Metal Replacement

Structural Plastics For Metal Replacment
  • Utilising advanced engineering polymers and design technology we replace metals with plastics in demanding applications.
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is utilised during the design phase to identify stresses, predict performance and eliminate potential failures.
  • Typical materials include Glass reinforced PA6 & PA66, PPS, PEEK and Verton.
  • Extensive validation testing is undertaken to prove performance characteristics.

Aesthetic Plastic Assemblies

Aesthetics Plastic Assemblies
  • Metallic graphics provide premium quality aesthetics.
  • High gloss or textured finishes are applied to A-surfaces.
  • UV Stabilised materials prevent long term surface yellowing.
  • Manufactured in a controlled environment to prevent colour contamination.
  • Typical materials include SAN, ABS and PC/ABS.

Fluid Carrying Plastic Assemblies

Fluid Carrying Plastic Assemblies
  • Heat and hydrolysis resistant materials endure long term exposure to hot fluids.
  • Tightly controlled sealing interfaces and correct seal selection provide the long term leak free performance.
  • Typical materials include Hydrolysis resistant glass filled PA66 and PPS for higher temperature applications.

Welded Plastics

Welded Plastics
  • Linear Vibration Welding gives the design freedom to produce a product with complex geometry.
  • Homogenous joints with weld strength equal to that of the parent material can be achieved.
  • Linear vibration welding enables the full encapsulation of products within plastic housings.
  • Finished assemblies can be in-process pressure tested to prove weld integrity.
  • Most thermoplastics can be vibration welded.

Co-Moulded Materials

Co-Moulded Materials
  • Co-moulding provides a cost effective method of achieving integral flexible seals on functional components or a soft feel to the user interface area of products.
  • Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) are tailored to achieve the required level of soft feel and look.
  • Advanced Plastics operates two twin shot machines with rotating platens and vertical barrels producing co-moulded products.

Insert Moulded Plastics

Insert Moulded Plastics
  • Insert moulding of metallic components including rotary bearings in a variety of engineering polymers.
  • Inserts are designed to achieve the required level of retention and torque resistance.

Plastics Thread Forms

Plastics Thread Forms
  • Fine plastic thread forms are produced from precision injection mould tools utilising rotating core technology.

High Precision Plastics

High Precision Plastics
  • High quality tooling, state of the art moulding machines and tight process controls are used to produce precision parts to close tolerances.
  • Typically used in dynamic precision applications such as vehicle electric window regulators.
  • Manufactured from low friction wear resistant polymers such as POM and Nylon 46.

Plastic Lenses

Plastic Lenses
  • Lenses are produced from high quality injection mould tools with a high gloss surface finish.
  • Manufactured in a controlled environment to prevent colour contamination.
  • Typical materials include PC, PMMA & SAN.